50-50 Kenyan
Board Game

The Number 1 Kenyan Board Game!

Entertaining | Competitive | Nostalgic

About The Game

The 50-50 Kenyan Board Game is an exciting, entertaining, fast-paced, word guessing game, celebrating over 50 years of Kenya’s culture. The game which aims to create a fun way to relive memories of our beautiful country, focuses on People, Places, Events, Historical Figures, TV/Radio Stations, Schools, Brand Names etc. all in relation to Kenya and parts of Africa.

How To Play

The objective of the game is for a team to accumulate 500 points before the other team/s. Points can either be gained through the number of questions answered from the question cards or lost through some of the Supreme Court cards.

Each correct word answered carries 5 points. Points are tallied from the total garnered by correct answers to word descriptions and the additional points gained or lost from the Supreme Court questions. The game ends when the first team gets to 500 points.

The revised version of the 50-50 Kenyan Board Game has over 3800 Kenyan words to choose from with a touch of Africa! The game can be played by 4-20 people and up to 5 teams with an average of 3 people per team.

The game provides the perfect entertainment for Game Nights, Road Trips, Birthday Parties, Bridal and Baby Showers, Barbecues, Team Building Activities and lots more!

The theme of the game “Kenya in 50 seconds” sees players generally compete in different teams, guessing words from another team member’s explanation with the aim of getting as many answers as possible in 50 seconds.

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