How To Play

To begin the game, the starting team throws the dice and advances its token on the board by the number of squares indicated on the dice. Should the team land on an “Action Square” the team will be required to carry out the task written on the square. Alternatively, should the team land on either a red or black square, the caller will be required to select a maximum of 2 cards from the box of cards and ask questions from the corresponding colour on the card i.e. should you land on a red square, the caller will ask questions from the red side of the cards and vice versa. The other team will then turn over the 50 second timer to start timing the specific round.

The Caller will proceed to give clues to his/her team prompting them to mention any of the 20 words printed on the cards. Clues are generally short with a strong emphasis on synonyms and associations of definitions that would best describe the word without mentioning the word itself. For example, if the answer is “Nairobi”, the clue might be “The capital city of Kenya”. Another possible clue might be, “Oscar Award-Winning Kenyan actress” to which the answer would be “Lupita Nyong’o”.

N.B: The Caller may only use speech to prompt his or her team mates. Gestures or drawings are not allowed. The Caller may not say part of any word on the card for example “Mountain” as a clue for Mount Kenya. Players may not point to anything and the hints given must not rhyme or be an abbreviation of any word on the card. Should the Caller accidentally mention a word on the card, that particular word is omitted from play and the Caller moves on to give clues to the remaining words on the cards.

The Caller can move on to the next word if team mates are taking too long to guess a word or if they do not know the answer to the questions asked. There is no limit to the number of guesses players can call out. Players can also give answers to a word even after the caller has passed onto another word as long as it is within the 50 seconds. Once the timer runs out, the Supreme Court judge will then award a total of 5 points for each correct answer and write the total for the specific team on the notepad provided.

Supreme Court

Should the team land on a Supreme Court box, they will be entitled to pick a Supreme Court card and follow the instructions given. Once the team lands on the Supreme Court square and carries out the instructions indicated, the caller can go ahead and pick 2 cards (without rolling the dice) and continue with game play unless stated otherwise on the card. The player will also have the flexibility to choose from either the red or black side.