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The game costs Kshs 3300/– and price includes delivery to the CBD and most parts of Nairobi.

The game comes with 4 decks of cards (300 playing cards and 50 forbidden cards), one 50-second sandtimer, 1 pencil, a score sheet, and a rules leaflet.

The 50-50 Kenyan Board Game which was revised in 2018, contains 190 cards (3800 words) and is designed to be played with a board, tokens, and a playing dice. The Jamhuri Edition launched in December 2021, contains new and updated words, mixed with some words from the 50-50 Kenyan Board Game as well as a new twist with the introduction of the Forbidden Cards. How would you describe words like ‘Social Distance’, ‘Pandemic’, ‘Huduma Number’ or ‘1824’… in just 50 Seconds? 🙂 This edition has new words that you will not find in the original 50-50 Kenyan Board Game and has been designed to be played without a board. However, for a wholesome experience we would advise you to start with the original edition if you don’t have it already and then get the Jamhuri Edition. If you already have the original edition… Then knock yourself out and double your 50-50 experience!

No. The game has been designed to be played without a board, tokens or dice. Once you split yourself into teams, you may pick 2 cards and begin to describe to your teammates the words on the card within 50 seconds. This also makes it perfect for a quick 50-50 round, portable for roadtrips and so much more!

No. Well, in this version you actually get 4 decks of playing cards!

No. You actually don’t need a board to play the Jamhuri Edition. Awesome right?

No you do not. The Jamhuri Edition has been designed to be played independent of the original version. Just like with the original, you will receive points for every correct answer and the first team to get to 500 points wins the game. 

The Jamhuri Edition includes a new twist with the addition of the Forbidden Cards. Once you pick a Forbidden Card, which is randomly placed within each deck of cards, you will descibe to your teammates the word at the top highlighted in red WITHOUT mentioning any of the 3 words listed on the card. Each correct answer is worth 20 points. 

The game consists of 350 cards with a total of 1500 words and 50 Forbidden Cards

The game can be played by 2 – 4 teams with an average of 4 – 20 players 

Yes. If you already have the original 50-50 Board Game, you may continue with regular game play and use the cards in the Jamhuri Edition to ask your team questions. Each correct answer is worth 5 points. 

We currently only deliver within Kenya. For orders within East Africa including Uganda and Tanzania, feel free to email us on sales@fiftyfiftyltd.com or Whatsapp us on +254 721 818788.

Feel free to contact us on sales@fiftyfiftyltd.com or Whatsapp us on +254711300363

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