50 years of Kenya's history played in 50 seconds 50/50 Board Game

How To Play

The objective of the game is for a team to accumulate 250 points before the other team/s. Each round begins with a team rolling the dice to determine the number of squares on the playing board that the team member is entitled to move. Should you land on any of the black or white squares, (NOT marked Supreme Court) one member from the team (the Caller) picks up a maximum of two cards and is then assigned to give clues to his team mates. The caller can describe as many words from any of the two cards within 50 seconds. Each correct answer earns the team 5 points. All team members must take their turn at being the Caller..


Board Game

Red Sand Timer
red sand timer

50/50 Black Cards

Five Playing Tokens

50 Court Cards
Supreme Court Card

250 Question Cards
50/50 Black Cards


To begin the game all players are assembled into teams. Each team chooses a game token which will be used to move around the board and a matching colored “BLOCK CARD” which will be used by the caller of each team to hide the question cards from the rest of the team. At the start of each round, shuffle the Supreme Court cards and place them on the board. The players then assign one person randomly to be the Supreme Court Judge who will be responsible for keeping score for all the teams in the notebook provided. Points gained or lost for each team are recorded under the GAIN or LOSS sections respectively of the specific team. The Judge may or may not choose to play/be included in one of the teams.

To start off each team rolls the dice and the team with the lowest score begins play with the game moving in a clockwise direction. The starting team throws the dice and advances its token on the board by the number of squares indicated on the dice. The Caller then draws a maximum of two cards from the box of cards and places them on the block card. The other team turns over the 50 second timer to start timing the specific round.
The Caller proceeds to give clues to his/her team from either side of each card prompting them to mention any of the 10 words printed on the card. The aim is to get as many correct guesses as possible from the two cards within the 50 seconds.
The Caller can move on to the next word if team mates are taking too long to guess a word or if they do not know the answer to the questions asked. There is no limit to the number of guesses players can call out. Players can also give answers to a word even after the caller has passed onto another word as long as it is within the 50 seconds. Once the timer runs out, the Caller will place the used cards in a separate discard pile which can then be shuffled and returned into play after all the cards have been played.

Clues are generally short with a strong emphasis on synonyms and associations of definitions that would best describe the word without mentioning the word itself. For example, if the answer is “Nairobi”, the clue might be “capital city of Kenya”. Another possible clue might be, “The day Kenya gained independence” to which the answer would be “Jamuhuri Day”.
N.B: The Caller may only use speech to prompt his or her team mates. Gestures or drawings are not allowed. The Caller may not say part of any word on the card for example “mountain” as a clue for Mount Kenya. Players may not point to anything and the hints given must not rhyme or be an abbreviation of any word on the card.

Another example would be with the word “Uhuru Highway” the Caller may say: this feature has the first name of the current Kenyan president and the second name of a road built with many lanes. Should the Caller accidentally mention a word on the card, that particular word is omitted from play and the Caller moves on to give clues to the remaining words on the cards.

Each correct word answered carries five points. Supreme Court verdicts can make a team either lose or gain 10 or 20 points. Points are tallied from the total garnered by correct answers to word descriptions and the additional points gained or lost from the Supreme Court questions. The game ends when the first team gets to 250 points.


Watch the amazing presenters at Kubamba Radio go through a hilarious round of the 50/50 Kenyan Board Game. Huge shout out to Kubamba 91.6FM, Duncan A.k.a. Dunco, Tina, Becky Muikia, Wamzy and DJ Timzo.

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How To Play

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Fifty Fifty Board Game

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